Fees for Genealogical Research

(1st July 2015)

research work

Euro 32.--

for every half an hour, at least Euro 128.-- per archive visit.

office work

Euro 32.--

for every half an hour.

travel costs

Euro 1.--

for every kilometer of distance (as the crow flies from Berlin Hauptbahnhof) for every archive visit. No travel expenses inside Berlin. Also research in some archives outside Berlin, Brandenburg and Pomerania can be done. In case these archives can be easily and quickly reached by train from Berlin, a reduced fee of 100 Euro may be available if agreed upon beforehand.


at actual price

archive fees, photocopies, bank fees etc.

guided tours

Euro 26.--

for every half an hour.

All fees in Euro (1 Euro is presently (9th June 2015) about 1.13 US-Dollar).

19 % VAT have to be added to the above rates (except for private clients outside the European Union and commercial clients outside Germany).

For cheques drawn on banks outside Germany a fee of Euro 30.--  will be charged.

You are asked to send a retainer of Euro 200.--.

Last update: Markus Röhling, 11th  June 2015.