Sceptic about commissioning a professional genealogist?
Read, what satisfied clients say, who have learned things about their ancestors they would never have learned without the help of a professional genealogist!

"I would like to thank you for the work you have done. Your work has been quite professional with a great deal of expertise. I also appreciate the chance to communicate with you in English." 
D.T., Illinois
"You did a wonderful job!!! [...] It is 12:30 am and I've had a long day. I'll quit for now. [...] I am a lawyer, and all day today I couldn't keep my mind on my work!!" 
M.V., Michigan
"It has been so interesting and fun to start putting all of this information in a sequence and adds enlightenment to our ancestors lives. Just about 10 months ago we knew none of this information. Thank you." 
M.B., Minnesota
"I'm happy to say that I've been very satisfied with Markus Röhling's work [...]
Markus strikes me as a serious researcher, almost in the academic sense, and I like that. He seems very familiar with the holdings and the procedures of his libraries and archives. His expertise in this area -- knowing what is available and how to get at it -- is important to me. Although I generally have definite ideas of what I would like looked at, I value his assessments and recommendations.
Markus also strikes me as an efficient researcher. I don't see any wasted motion or padding. He has arranged for numerous record copies for me and done many transcriptions. [...] In my case, he has been very creative in suggesting possible avenues of research. My focus is very narrow, my resources are limited, and I have not always followed his suggestions, but I find them valuable. [...]
Markus has been a valuable resource for me. I'm happy with his work and I plan to continue using him in my German research. As a client, I really sense his interest in satisfying me." 
D.Z., Illinois
"Received the latest report without any problems. What a great job!, it's so impressive just how much information you have managed to find!"
"I am as always so pleased with all the information you have gathered. I believe my mother was very surprised that there was still so much information available after all the damage done during the war." 
A.C., Texas
"Let me begin by expressing my sincerest gratitude for your hospitality and guided tours; very professional. It was among the highlights of my German travels. [...] you had infinite patience to answer as many questions as I posed and were quite resourceful. [...] My sincerest appreciation for your support and guidance in the research." 
D.M., Texas
"You have accomplished much more than I had hoped for. I was hoping for a picture of my father, and I got much more. You found my sister, you found Ch. who had a lot of pictures and information, and even information about my grandparents. You did a fantastic job. I am very happy with the results."
W.M., Nevada

Last update: Markus Röhling, 3rd  April 2009.